A 17-year-old boy in the US has been charged for black-out twitter hack

In the U.S controversy raised over the social media platform “Twitter”. When one day a 17-year-old- boy living in Florida USA has been charged with planned a hacked of celebrity accounts that led to Democratic presidential candidate Joe Hockey’s , Joe Biden and Tesla CEO Elon Musk.

All of them accounts and others like Apple, Kim Kardashian were hacked by a teen boy. According to court records, FBI able to catch this guy that was behind this black out day twitter hacking reveals the weak privacy wall behind the every premium twitter account.

His attorney Graham Clark told circuit court Judge Christopher Nash has denied 30 felony counts of fraud against him by persecutors. Clark is scheduled to appear in court again on Wednesday hoping to revise his $750,000 bail and conditions of release.

credit the verge

A 19-year old British man and a 22-year old man from Orlando, Florida were also involved in this hack and charged with aiding the invasion in the U.S Department of Justice said.

Prosecutor’s say Clark made a least $100,000 by using celebrity accounts to raise money unsuspecting twitter user. In the attack, there were 45 compromised Twitter-certified accounts including former U.S president Barack Obama and billionaire Bill Short posted fake tweets in mid-July that defrauded bitcoins.

Bit Gates said the hackers may also have read some private messages including sensitive information about Dutch officials. Bitcoin public accounts information shows that they made more than $100,000.

Twitter said Clark used social engineering to convince a Twitter employee that he was a colleague in the IT department and provide the employee with proof of access to the customer service portal.