Adguard 7.5 Beta introduces DNS filtering and Windows Telementry Blocking support

The Adguard has released the first betta version of Adguard 7.5 for Windows to the public. The new version interoduces two new features: DNS filtering and Windows Telemetry blocking.

The Windows Tracking protection is a new option of the program’s built Stealth feature. You need to enable Stealth Mode under Settings > Stealth Mode to get started.

It lists numerious options, sorted into groups such as Browser API, Tracking methods or Miscellanours than go beyond the mere blockin of adverstisement and tracking on the Internet.

The new Windows Tracking section is welcome feature that block Windows 10 Telmetry, Turn off annoying Adverstising ID are turned off for users who enable Stealth Mode, distable microsoft defender automatic samples submision and Disable push message routing service are disabled by default but can be enabled in the Settings.

The second filters is DNS filtering is the second new feature. It was been soon available in AdGuard products in the Windows version. The feature is not enabled default under Setting > DNS, you use it protect DNS traffic from snooping by the Internet Service Provider and third-parties.

To download latest version of Adguard for Windows: Click here