Akshay Kumar announced Desi PUBG Mobile competitor as FAU-G: Report

Akshay kumar, a Bollywood actor famous for stunt man and excellent comedian and desk bhakh image person. A well know Indo-Candian person listed high rated on Forbes ranking in earning per year amount of money with its acting career.

On Friday, Akshay Kumar just announced the new PvP and multiplayer online game named “FAU-G” was shared by the “Kesari” actor on Twitter.

A Bengaluru based gaming publisher will soon launch a new multiplayer mod-core gaming title “Fearless and United: Guards ( FAU-G).

In the tweet, the 52-year old actor noted that players will also learn about the Indian army and sacrifices of our soldiers in playing the game mission.

Into of the game in its first trailer quite similar to PUBG Mobile. Recall, PUGB Mobile, Lite was declared banned in India on 2 September. We think that PUBG Mobile never come back in India not even any hope in unbanned as the issue with Chinese government back end and collecting India data sents to other countries with a nationality risk.

PUBG Mobile was launched in India with Tencent Holding. A Tencent Holding is the most popular tech giant company had huge share in launching PUBG Mobile even companies has invested in India top startup like ByeJues, Dream 11 , Flipkart and many more.

With FAU-G, “Akshay tweets about the hoping that as they play the game they will learn about the our soldiers contribute to the families of the martys and each one of us has the ability to support PM Modi’s vision of Atma Nirbhar” Bharat.

The game is based on real scenario’s encounter by the Indian Security forces to deal with both domestic and foreign threats. The game is expected to launch at the end of October was its first-level set in the Galwan Valley backdrop followed by third-person shooting gameplay in subsequent release which will available on Android and iOS.

Founder and Chairman of the gaming publisher, Vishal Gondal said, it is matter of great pride to respond to PM Modi’s call and present the world a world-class game which will help in virtual setting fight the forces of evil by contribute to nation-building by supporting our martyrs”.

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