All Google messaging and communication apps are now led by a single team

The company working on messaging team to make it better then other communication , messaging apps on the play store. During this lockdown period, Popular video chat , messaging applications provides a seamlessly updates on software to work bug free.

Google had launched three communications apps like Google phone – Pre-installed dialer on Pixel and Android One devices. Google Duo- Video calling for consumers available to everyone in the Play Store. Google Messages- Default SMS and RCS app on the some devices, available to everyone in the Play Store.

In addition, Google also has Meet and Chat for G Suite customers runs by Javie Soltero was made the VP and GM of G Suite last year, Chat. Soltero is behind the recent re-branding of hangpout meet and chat. Google is also putting him in charge all of its three different communication apps runs by Google i.e Phone , Duo and Messages.

Google now hopping a new team to “drive more innovation and more refinements around how these products can fulfil their specific missions. It doesn’t sound like Soltero plans to make any major changes right now. He even says it would be “irresponsible” to make rapid changes.

Google Statement:

We are bringing our all of Google’s collective communication products together under one leader and unified team that will led by Javier Soltero, VP and GM of G Suite. Javie will remain in Cloud, but he will also join the leadership team under Hiroshi lockheimer, SVP of Platform and Ecosystem.

Source: The Verge