Amazon India fined for not displaying country of origin on products

The government of India has imposed a penalty on e-commerce Amazon India for not displaying mandatory information including the country of origin, of products sold on its platform.

In the last month, the consumer affairs ministry has issued notices to e-commerce commerce majors Flipkart and Amazon for not displaying such as product information.

As per Legal Metrology Packaged Commodities Rules Law, Amazon has been pined Rs. 25,000 per director for the first offence, senior officials of the ministry. Some of the e-commerce entities are not displayed the mandatory declaration on digital platforms required under the Legal Metrology ( Packaged Commodities ) Rules, 2011.

The ministry had said Flipkart India Pvt Ltd and Amazon Development Center India Pvt have to ensure that all mandatory declarations are displayed proper products information on the digital and electronics goods used for sell in online e-commerce.

This story first reported on economic times!