Apple 14inch Macbook Pro 2021 will be equipped with an M1X chip

Apple will be rumored to unveil the two variants of the MacBook Pro with 14inch and 16inch 2021 have the Apple customized with M1X chip.

Apple MacBook 14inch/ 16inch MacBook Pro will be equipped with an M1X chip processor. The 13inch Intel version of MacBook Pro which is equipped with up to a 2.3Ghz i7 processor features Iris Plus GPU, 32GB memory, and 4TB SSD.

The Apple MacBook Pro of the 16inch model is a 2.4Ghz i9 processor that has AMD Radeon Pro 5600M, 64GB memory, and an 8TB solid-state drive. The new MacBook models running MacOs codename 12 Monterey have appeared on Eurasian Economic Commission (model A2442 and A2485).

However, the Mac mini reportedly comes with a high-end “M1X chip” is launching in the “next several months” to the mini that Apple launched last year with its M1 processor. Apple iPhone 13 series is reportedly said to be released in the next month with a newly updated small notch and bigger camera sensor.

The new Mac mini is expected to have four ports over the two available on the low-end version. The codename is “J374” is speculated with more power than the original M1 processor that Apple is being added Mi1X chip in the newer 14inch and 16inch MacBook Pro model.

According to Bloomberg News, Apple will refresh newer AirPods are expected to receive with a design similar to the Pro model that could arrive in the next year around Q2, 2022.