Apple iOS 14 AirPods added new features: Space Audio, Automatic Device Switching and more

Apple ‘s iOS 14 Beta update has been added few more new features to AirPods including improvements to the way AirPods and AirPods collaborate with iPhone’s and iPads such as space audio, automatic device switching and low-power notifications as per report by Macrumors.

Space Audio will be exclusive to Apple AirPods only that apple uses dynamic head tracking to bring cinematic surround sound to the AirPods Pro with spatial audio.

The using directional audio filters and fine-tuning the frequency received by each ear, spatial audio “places” sound anywhere in space giving users an immersive audio experience while watching TV shows and movies.

Space Audio also uses gyroscopes and accelerometers from the AirPods Pro and iPhone to track head movements and device position. This requires a firmware update which has not yet been released.

Automatic device switching

Apple’s AirPods and AirPods Pro has already provide fast and easy device switching for devices signed in with your iCloud account making it easier for users to switch when running iOS 14, iPadOS 14, tvOS 14, watchOS 7 and MacOS Big Sur.

Once update will be successfull installed, AirPods and AirPods automactically switch between devices paired to the same iCloud account.

For example, When a user is listening to music on a iPhone, but plans to switch to a Mac to watch a video , AirPods will seamlessly connect to the Mac. The AirPods automatic switch require users with iCloud accounts and the latest firmware running on the all Apple devices.

Low Battery Notification

The AirPods are low on battery power and they need to charged the iPhone or iPad alerts the user by notifying them so that they can charge them before the AirPods battery is completely empty.

Optimize charging

The life of AirPods will be lower in Apple. Apple will decide to maximize the life of AirPods has added a new “optimized battery charge” feature to iOS 14. The optimized battery charging feature which allow AirPods to understand the user’s daily charging habits has been applied on Apple’s iPhone’s and Macs.

Control Center Volume Monitor

Apple has added a “listening” feature to the control center , where users can see the real-time volume level to ensure sound volume is safe. Simply swipe down and click on ear icon added it to Control Center to see it.

AirPods Pro Sports API

Apple has designed a Motion API for AirPods Pro that developers can take advantages of Motion APIs provide developers with access to directions, user accelerations and rotation rates which are useful for fitness apps and games.

Apple Developers can build the API into applications that AirPods Pro users can download.