Apple iOS 14, iPadOS 14 official version released including update log

Apple officially pushed the iOS 14, iPadOS 14 update to all iPhone and iPad devices on 18 September worldwide.

In case , you already installed iOS 13.7 will upgraded into iOS 14 version then you need to download a 2.75 GB file package for your iOS 14 on previous iPhone’s modes. Apple confirmed that iPad Air and iPad 8th Generation will shipped with latest iOS 14 in the month of October.

The iOS 14 has bring a lots of new features and bug fixed from iOS 14 beta moved to stable version. Here the full update catalog:

New Widget

  • Apple redisgned widgets can be placed directly on the home screen.
  • Small, medium and large size widgets allowing you to choose the amount of information to be displayed.
  • Widget stacking can make full use of the main screen space while “Smart Stacking” uses device-side smart technology to display appropriate widgets in a timely manner.
  • The widget library includes all available widgets for you to browse and choose.
  • The redesigned Apple widgets include: weather, clock, calender, news, maps fitness, photos , remider, stocks, music, video , reminders, memos, shortcuts, battery, screen time, files, podcasts and Siri Suggest.

App Resource Library

  • App Resource Libary automatically organized all your apps into categories.
  • The Recommendation catagory uses device-side smat technology to display the App , you may be looking for based on factors such as different times of the day or location.
  • The Recently Added” category displays the apps that have been downloaded from the App Store recently and the light apps have been launched.
  • The home screen page can be hidden, just tap the dot at the bottom of the screen in the jitter mode, and you can go directly to the “App Resource Libary”.

Compact Design

  • Incoming phone calls and Face Time calls are displayed as banners at the top of the screen.
  • The compact design of Siri allow you to seamlessly start the next task while viewing the information on the screen.


  • Sticly converstions allow you to keep up to nine favourite message conversations at the top of the list.
  • Mention allow you to direcly message the individuals in the group chat.
  • One line reply allow you to reply to a specific messag and view all related information in a seperate view.
  • Group photos can be customized to create a common group apperance.


  • Added 11 hairstyles and 19 header styles for you to customize your expressions.
  • New impresonation stickers, you can send punch , hug or blush emogi.
  • Six new age options
  • New mask option.


  • Cycling routes are provided along bicyle lanes, bicyle lanes and routes suitable for cycling on bicycle roads, taking into account changes in height or street congestion.
  • Guide recommends places to eat, meet or explore for your , carefully selected by selected trusted brands.
  • Electric vehicle routes can plan the itinerary for supported electric vehicles and automatically add charging stations along.
  • Traffic congestion areas can help you bypass or pas through congested areas in cities such as London or Paris.
  • The speed limit camera can alert you when are approaching the speed limit on the route and running through the red light camera.


  • The new compact design allows you to seamlessly start the next task while viewing the information on the screen.
  • The expanded knowledge base contains 20 times, more information than three years ago.
  • Interet anwers provide answers to a wide range of questions by using Internet information.
  • Audio messages can be sent via Siri on iOS and CarPlay.
  • New Siri voice and Siri Translator support more languages.

Safari browser

  • Use a faster JavaScript engine to improve performance.
  • Privacy Report can display cross-site trackers blocked by “Smart Anti-Tracking”.
  • Password monitoring can safety screen whether you stored passwords have appeared in daa leaks.

The weather

  • The next hour’s precipitation map displays the next hour’s rain and snow intensity forecast in the United States by minute.


  • Automatic device switching to transfer audio betwen iPhone, iPad, iPad Touch and Mac.
  • Battery notification lets you know if you want to charge AirPods.


  • The recording indicator will be displayed when the App accesses the microphone or camera.
  • Now you can share your approximate location instead of precise location with the app.
  • Limited access to the “Photos” gallery allow you to choose share only selected photos with the App when the App requests access.

App Store

  • The important detailed information of each App is displayed in a scrollable view that allow you to view the game your friends are playing.

Augmented Reality

  • The “location anchor” in ARkit 4 allows the app to place the AR experience at a specific geographic coordinate point.
  • Extended face tracking now support the new iPhone SE.
  • The video texture in Reality Kit allow the App to appy the video to any part of the scene or virtual object.

FaceTime call

  • Improved video quality, the resolution can be up to 1080p on iPhone X and subsequent models.
  • The new eye contact feature uses machine learning to fine tune the position your eyes and face, making video calls more natural even if you are looking at the screen instead of the camerra.

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