Apple iOS 14 Software sold on the black market in China: Report

Apple company basically very strict over its privacy on hardware and software in the China factory and Apple US headquarters. This time, it lost control over privacy, Hackers hands on upcoming iOS 14 preview in beta for first time in the month of June WWDC2020 will host online.

Report come out on Motherboard, the leak can be traced in China purchasing iOS 14 on the black market. A developer-only iPhone 11 in China priced thousands of dollors to ready to sold.

Such phones are sold by manufactures to groups of people who created or published apps for upcoming software is seamless integration with the OS after its rollout might be in danger.

The distributed to researchers and hackers since in Februrary claims, Cupertino-based company is expected to preview iOS 14 at WWDC2020 in June ight be difficult to launch the final products due to leak. Apple didn’t comment over this situation. We will wait, how Apple faced this situation

Apple has to modified whole iOS or changes the few feature’s since the the leak report shared in China and negate the hackers have in exposing security flaws.