Apple iPad Pro removed U1 ultra-broadband chip

The fresh reports came out iPad Pro 2020 will not used the U1 ultra-broadband chip as apple’s official website technical specifications page and news materials are missing from the chip page. The device confirmed to remove UI chip released functional support.

Reports came out by John Gruber of Daring Fireball who has been reported confirmed the detail the new iPad Pro doesn’t have a U1 chip. Apple has deployed the U1 chip through the iPhone 11 lineup series. It comes surprise the iPad Pro 2020 did not carry the U1 ultra broadband chip.

iPad Pro 2020 Design

iFixit dismantling the new iPad Pro, the interior structure of the new model is almost identical to the iPad 2018 mode including the logical board layout. The new A12Z chip is basically the previous A12X that enabled the previously disabled graphics core.

We think the new A13X chip to support this feature that why Apple removed this feature U1 Ultra- broadband chip in the all new iPad Pro 2020. The U1 chip also required related antennas which are not very compatible with the metal body of the iPad Pro.

In the iPhone 11 series, those antennas need to be opened the depending on how the U1 interfaces with the device’s. In the iPad Pro could be updated more dramatically including at least one model with an A14X chip with a new mini-LED display.