Apple pushed iOS 14.3 update to iPhone 12 series will fail third-party magnetic wireless chargers

A new report from charging head network, Apple pushed update to iOS 14.3 update to iPhone 12 series that will fail all third-party magnetic wireless chargers which is used to charge iPhone 12 series in way lesser price than premium charger from Apple.

Apple released the official version of iOS 14.3 update in addition to supporting Apple Fitness+ and AirPods Max features dual-SIM equipped iPhone 12 support global 5G bands and it also solved the problem that your device may not able to charge wirelessly and MagSafe dual items may not wirless charge the iPhone at maximum power.

The charging Head Network has pointed our that three days after the iPhone 12 was released MagSafe’s charging animation prompt was cracked making i the first choice for a large number of third-party magnetic wireless charging accessories.

The third-party magnetic wireless chargers fail due to the iOS 14.3 version update. You will not wireless charger via any third-party solutions.