Apple iPhone 12 Pro, Max may adopt a new WiFi standard?

Boomerang Reports says, Apple working on Apple smart Glasses to make compatible over upcoming iPhone 12 Pro, Max Series.

Apple’s upcoming new iPhone 12 Pro, Max may support the new WiFi 802.11ay standard technology and it will compatible to the mysterious gadgets by Apple smart glasses.

Don’t compare WiFi 802.11ay with the today’s WiFi 6 Standard technology used in the new Android smartphone flagship series. WiFi 802.11ay has certain limitations and cannot even penetrate wall, so we can think, this will easily compatible to the mysterious Apple smart glasses.

What is WiFi 802.11ay ? Is this useful ?

WiFi 802.11ay term seems to bit older, if we compare with the WiFi 5 or event WiFi 6 Standard in the world . It uses the 60Hz band which can transmit data at extremely fast speeds over short distanced which may exceeds 100 Gbps which will be used by Apple to increase Apple Airdrop technology. It still perfect technology for transmission speed as the Apple’s point of view.

In communication between iPhone 12, 802.11ay can also able to communicate with other upcoming WiFi 802.11ay smart accessories manufactured by Apple.

WiFi 802.11ay provides high lever bandwidth and low latency which is used to send data to high resolutions , high refresh rate makes a perfect sense for gaming lovers to stream gaming online and using of Virtual reality on their Apple TV+ or iPhone 12 using of mysterious Apple smart glasses (AR ).

Take a pinch of salt, this technology will not be ready to go on sale until the year 2023 comes with fully equipped 5G bands supported lead to the iPhone models.