Apple’s new patent suggests two iPad’s could connect together?

Apple is exploring a way to connect two iPad’s can be connected together to form a single device like MacBook released by AppleInsider. The patent application called Multi-Display Electronic Devices was filled today with the U.S Patent and Trademark Office.

This new patent describes that how two iPad’s or iPhone’s are connected together through an accessory one can be entered as a monitor and other’s as key

The coupling accessory in the patent consists of two small connectors and a hinge will allow a data transfer between devices enabling them to work as a system in a unified manner.

The images contained in the patent application show that a device is placed flat on a surface with hinged connector accessories at the back supporting a second mobile device which can be landscape and portrait.

In addition to the laptop-style connections, the patents also suggest that if two devices are connected along their longest edges that they can form a book like shape similar to the layout of Microsoft’s Surface Duo. The AppleInsider suggests that they will take some time to released in actual device may in 2022.