Apple Watch Series 6 will use a Micro-LED Screen Exposed

Apple Watch Series 6 is expected to have an OLED screen like previous models but Apple Watch models with Micro-LED display technology.

Smartwatches will be first major applications for Micro-LED’s with batch adoption likely to take 3-4 years said Lee Being jye, chairman of Epistar, Taiwan largest LED market.

The Crystal Optoelectronics has overcome many of the technical challengers of Micro-LEDs and hopes to achieve reliable production capacity within 2-3 years and introduce then to the market within 3-4 years.

Apple Micro-LED screens offers several advantages over LED and OLED displays including thinner and more energy-efficient. For example, a Micro-LED screen consumers only one-tenth of LCD and it nearly OLED.

Micro-LEDs support higher brightness, higher dynamic range and wider color gamut while enabling faster update rates, wider viewing angels and lower power consumption.

Apple has been testing the prototype “Apple Watch” model with a Micro-LED display since 2017.