Apple WWCD20 Keynote – Highlights MacOS Big Sur, tvOS , WatchOS, iPhone OS 14

Apple finally unveils biggest event has happened at every year in the month of June. This time event officially set to virtually due to corona virus pandemic no audience gathering. Apple Worldwide Developer Conference 2020 online telecast on

We main short summary to cover up all launched things together in one place to make it clear, “What will happen in Apple “Minds”?. Read our all summary on Apple software’s launched as MacOS Big Sur for upcoming MacBooks, Apple A12Z Bionic Processor custom made Arm processor for iMac arriving next year, Apple iOS 14 renamed as iPhone OS.

Apple TvOS has now Apple Home support feature and Apple Watch OS features for next lever Watch Series 6 released later this year.

Let’s begin the summer rise all Apple WWDC 20 Software’s details together

Apple Silicon A12Z Bioni Chip for ARM based Mac Machines

The release of MacOS Big Sur previews, Macs will be able to run iPhone OS and iPad OS apps smoothly on both devices. The Apple developers can get started on existing software compatible using Xcode 12 beta which include native compilers and debut tools.

A new framework called Rosetta 2 along with virtualization technology will help with compatibility issues. A hardware Developer Transition kit in the form of a modified Mac Mini based on the Apple A12Z Bionic processor that powers the latest iPad Pro. The kit will have to be returned to Apple at the end of the programmer.

Apple is second computer manufacture to create its own operating system with now its own processors. The 2 billions SOcS and many more supporting chips yet to developed in house across its products.

Apple describe its A-series SoCs custom power management, secure enclave, high performance integrated GPU, machine learning, neural engine, custom video display and images processing engines given to MacS a new level of performance.

iPadOS 14, Watch OS 7 and AirPods Pro

The iPad’s OS is now has Apple large scale Pencil support compatibility. The improvements to watch OS 7 include better watch faces management, sleep tracking, new workout types and hand washing instructions.

The operating systems for Apple’s portfolio of devices will be available later this year. The iPad OS 14 has main UI improvement dedicated to Apple’s iPad and iPad Pro models is the sidebar elements which has been added to multiple first-party apps including Apple Music, Mail, Notes and Photos.

The sidebar will let people quickly jump between sections and content between things and task. It introduces a new search interface with the whole function being rebuilt to work more like Mac-OS’s spotlight pop-up search bar. You can launch apps, find contacts and even jump to websites.

Apple Pencil functionality on compatible iPad’s aimed at making scribbles and handwriting input smoother. You can write with Apple Pencil directly into any Text Field such as Safari’s address bar or new search UI.

iOS 14 renamed into iPhoneOS 14 Features

iPhone OS 14 and iPad OS 14 will allow users to set third party email apps and web browsers as their defaults in a break from Apple’s tight control over user experience. This feature has been added after 10 years of Apple iPhone’s Business model.

The new iPhone 12 series will running iPhone-OS 14 include a new compact Siri UI, overhauled privacy feature, a new home screen widgets and improved Messages UI and more memoji customization option.

Apple new feature named App library view that let users to groups multiple apps automatically on one, single screen. The experience seems similar to multiple folders on one home screen.

It’s more than just having folder as you’ll get apps sorted in groups – just one you reach the end of your home screen pages. We created an easy way to hide out pages.

WatchOS 7 Features

Apple’s watch-OS 7 are greater flexibility in arranging watch face complications. Users can now have multiple complications from a single tap app and it can now share watch face configurations with specific complications.

Watch faces can also be done from various websites or messages allow companies to share specific configurations with users. Sleep tracking is a long awaited features is now being added. Apple has introduce hand washing feature can help users wash their hands for an specific amount of time.

New workouts sessions that an be detected include dance and core training has been renamed to Fitness and gets new visualizations of activities.

AirPods and AirPods Pro What’s new?

Apple Air-pods and Air-pods Pro can now switch between multiple times Apple devices instantly which depending on which one audio is playing from.

AirPods allows for surround sound and directional audio effects with the sound sources staying in place even when a user moves their head.

Apple TvOS new features

The major changes in tvOS 14 that brings to your Apple TV device over the exciting version is support for Xbox Elite 2 and Xbox Adaptive controls. There is also multi- user support to help users to play games with their friends and family member easily.

TvOS has Apple Arcade support to let you play your favorite games on a large screen. You an play or pause the Apple Arcade you’re playing on your iPad and iPhone directly on your Apple TV devices.

The tvOS update also bring PiP support which is also found on iPhone-OS 14 and iPad-OS 14. There is also 4K video streaming support via Air Play in the gallery app.

In iPhone-OS 14, there will be an updated Home app that will give you automation suggestions for your smart home devices. This means that you’ll get suggestions on what automation feature you’ll get from your connected devices just once you add them to the Home app.

There will be expanded controls in the Control Center for quicker access to your devices and scenes. The tvOS update will also get an integration with Home Kit-enable devices to let you bring any of your door cameras or doorbells to your TV screen.

Apple macOS Big Sur 11.0 features

mac-OS Big Sur is a major update that provide advances the legendary combination of the power of UNIX with the ease of use of Mac and delivers our biggest update to design in more than a decade said Craig Federighi, Apple’s senior vice president of Software and Engineering.

The modern and clean look, huge improvements to key apps including Safari, Messages, Maps and new privacy features. The menu bar has been revamped into mac-OS Big Sur, Apple says. Buttons and other controls will get hidden when they not need and it become visible when require.

Apple added full-height sidebars and refreshed toolbars. New System sounds have been re imagined. There will also a new symbols for toolbars, sidebars and controls. The entire experience feels more focused, fresh and familiar to reduced visual complexity and bringing user’s content front and center.