Avast Antivirus Was Caught Again To Steal 435 million User Data


Avast was a world-renowned anti-virus software can be said to be the pride of Europe. In 2019 – Early, Investigator found about the Avast company sold 435 million user data to Google and Microsoft.

Ondrej Vlcek | CEO Of Avast

Avast has been exposed as a number of browser plug-ins that are suspected of serious violations of user privacy. When you installed Avast antivirus in your Pc & Laptop or Smartphone. In the background, it will spy on your research keywords on various search engines ( Google & Microsoft ) and other third-party search engines, uploading your browsing history and habits about downloading& watching history on streaming and another blog.

Avast recommended installing two extensions one named “Avast SafePrice” and “Avast Security Extension”. These two types of extensions will be confirmed to spy to track over your shopping activities, Browsing searching while browsing even mining your data in the background.

In my research, As a formal Avast customer, I noticed some subspecies activities while I started browsing most sites will be open slowly as before the Avast installed. When I uninstalled avast and switch to different Antivirus company, Avast extensions recommendation on Chrome or another browser again pop-up just like they spy on me and wants to re-installed and use this extension even I did uninstall Avast software.

When I did some research in the Avast setting, I found some settings like tick market about user & privacy settings ” Share Statistics and User data”, Recommended user based things.

You make sure these four options if you installed Avast, Please Untick those all options. It will bring you some relief in the background of Data mining by Avast.

Things to know before using Avast, Avast owned these companies to Spy over you :

  • CCleaner’s developer by Piriform but owned by Avast in the year 2017 ( Cleaned your history and Monitor your browsing History ) Remove it now!
  • AVG Antivirus also owned by Avast in 2018, Please remove it, This Avg antivirus used the same software with some difference in layout but other things are the same as Avast Antivirus as per my research.

Avast’s Mac and Windows anti-virus software have been used to secretly mine user data and then sell sensitive information to third parties, including Google, Microsoft, and Financial software.

The “money-making data is a big deal for Avast.

In a copy of the contract with Jumpshot customers, a marketing company paid more than $2 million in 2019 for data access, including user gender age, “entire URL strings” that delete personally identifiable information based on browsing behavior and other details.

The Device identities are “hashed ” to prevent clients from identifying individuals because device identities do not change with users unless they fully reinstall the Avast tool, this may allow a large amount of data to be built on a user over time, leading to possible online identification

Because of our approach , we can ensure that Jumpshot does not obtain personally identifiable information , including name, email address , or contact information from users who use the popular free antivirus software, ” Avast said”

The Company continued to reiterate that users have the ability t choose not to share data and from July 2019, the company has begun to implement a clear selection of all-new downloads of antivirus software with all existing free users having a choice by February 2020.

From Avast to Jumpshot, after collecting data from the Avast antivirus program installed on a personal company or Company PC. Jumpshot repackaged it and sold it to Google, The US version of Popular Review Network” Yelp, Microsoft, McKinsey, Pepsi, Severan, Home Depot, Conde Nast, Intuit and many other companies.

Some customers spend millions of dollars on services that track user behavior, clicks and cross-site actions with great precision. Avast collects data from users who choose to join and then provides it to Jumpshot, but multiple Avast users told Vice that they unaware that Avast was selling browsing date.

Although the data does not including personal information such as a user name, it still contains a large amount of specific browsing date, experts say some users’ names may be removed.

We recommend uninstalled Avast, AVG and CCleaner software owned by Avast Company by any Free Uninstalled.

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We hope our article explained everything about problems occurs in the media by Avast company stole millions of user data by harvesting over pc and laptop browsers history.

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