Battleground Mobile India Update 1.7.0 with League of Legends Netflix Show

Battleground Mobile India Update 1.7.0 released the patch update with League of Legends Science-Fi Series on Netflix as collaboration.

The Netflix popular new league of Legends Netflix Shows -Arcane will be monsters from Arcane making its small collaboration having their way over in BGMI to do a couple of new game modes such as new Theme Mode: Mirror World will be set to released on 19th November in India.

Battleground Mobile India aka BGMI teasers the update 1.7.0 patch notes in the official Instagram post with some new game modes, new theme and customised dress in collaboration with Netflix Show- Arcane.

The BGMI update 1.7.0 Patch Updates Added

  • New Theme: Mirror World
  • Arcane Monsters
  • Piggyback function
  • Survivor Number Notification
  • Grenade Indicator
  • Various in-game modes, Comeback
  • Play Now: Link in Bio

The other in gameplay changes include the Piggyback function which allow teammates to carry download teammates hopefully to safety and revive them. The Mirror World Theme mode certainly look pretty fun and it bound to shake up the gameplay in hopefully a meaning full way.

Piggyback will affect gameplay in a big way much improved. We hope, Krafton more strict control over hackers in the BGMI patch update 1.7.0.