BlueStacks Android Simulator Launched Hyper-V Beta regain Window 10 Support

The most popular android simulator is based on Virtual Box will cause Window 10 Hyper-V problem while running BlueStacks on Windows 10. It gives fatal error, Please disable Hyper-V in the setting . Microsoft wouldn’t recommended to turn off Hyper -V hardware visualization .

In Reddit forum, BlueStacks tries to install its own third party Hyper-V visualization in the Windows 10 setting that why Microsoft disable it automatically. BlueStacks new version Hyper-V beta will now in testing phase must will not conflict with Windows 10 hyper-V anymore.

Blue Stacks 4 Hyper-V Beta Version

This means the new version has again compatibility with the latest Hyper-V based on latest Windows 10 version is offering beta testing so you can run the high end Android games on a Hyper-V virtualization platform.

Recommended Setting of Hyper-V

This version is works on Android Nougat version goes up to Android Pie is compatible with most of newer or older games that runs on Android versions.

What is Hyper-V Virtualization?

Hyper-V is a hardware virtualization product launched by Microsoft on Windows 10 Pro and Enterprise. Hyper-V lets you establish a software environment for other versions of the Windows operating system or non-Windows operating system.

How to enable Hyper-V in Windows 10?

  • Open the Control Panel on your PC/ laptop. Here, select “Program” as shown below.
  • Next, Select “Turn Windows on or Off” as follows.
  • A new window will then pop-up. Make sure to select the check box before Windows Hyper vision Platform as shows below.
  • Click Okay. Hyper-V will now be enabled and you can continue the installation process.
  • Steps on install and start the Blue Stacks Hyper-V version as an administrator.

Download The Hyper-V-Enable Blue Stacks Beta Version here