The Iconic British Model Stella Tennant died at 50

Stella Tennant has passed away at the age of 50 was first known for her signature tousled pixie haircut and commanding six-foot-tall-presence.

The news came today of Stella Tennant’s death was confirmed earlier in a statement released by her family- including her husband, the French photographer David Lasner and her four children include Marcel, Cecily, Jasmine and Iris- who asked for their privacy to be respected.

Famous history of British Model Stella Tennant

Tennant was born in 1970 as the younger daughter of the current Duke of Devonshite and his wife Deborah, the youngest of the famous high-society Mitford sisters.

Tennant’s upbringing was decidedly more down to earth, she grew up on a 1,500-acre sheep farm in the Scottish Borders.

She remained close to her heart throughout her jet-setting modeling career and she would eventually call home again upon a purchasing a Berwichshire farmhouse in the early-aughts.

In December 1993, She appeared in the now-iconic Steven Meisel shoot for British Vogue’s December 1993 issue, “Anglo-Saxon Attitude”, which captured a nascent London scene of well-heeled women whose eccentric take off style offered a British counterpart to the U.S grunge movement.

Tennant was a regular muse of Meisel’s, shot by him most recently for the December 2018 cover of British Vogue. Stella Tennant’s legacy as a ground-breaking figure in the history of British style as well as passionate supporter of causes close to her heart will live on.

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