Buying a new or iPhone might get a problem for buyers, get ready to pay more

Apple announced the iPhone 12 series worldwide. In this year, Apple iPhone 12 has four models become lightest smartphones in the smartphone industry with 5G network band across all major countries include 5mmwave. Apple iPhone 12 series didn’t include 5mmwave in India due to expensive duties.

Apple confirmed that the iPhone 12 series retail box become light made from 100% recycled materials in the earth. The Cupertino-based tech giant said that it won’t be shipping iPhones 12 with a charger or wired earphones. This means that all iPhone models in the future that shipped with these accessories.

What’s in the Apple iPhone Box?

Customers need to buy separately through the Apple online store in India. The cost of Apple Power 20W Adapter starts at a retail price of Rs. 1,909 and Earpods with lighting micro USB starts at a retail price of Rs. 1,909. Apple announced the MegaSafe and wireless charging accessories that would be separately at Rs, 4,909 prices in India.

Apple iPhone 12 Series

If you are an iPhone user and holding an older charger well is very good for you. But, if you are a first buyer, it means that you will have to spend an extra 2,000k at least for Charger.

If you are fond of music and want to listen on the iPhone, you will need true wireless earbuds at higher pricing INR 13,900 at a base price without a charging case.

Even if you are an existing iPhone user and want to buy the iPhone 12 series, you need to pay more coz new iPhone 12 series will ship with Type-C to lighting case – Very few except Samsung and Google Android phones comes with Type-C chargers while other companies will follow this thing in the next year 2021.