ByteDance TikTok now warns users when their video containing unverified information

ByteDance Chinese app owned TikTok has now joined Twitter, Facebook and other social network platforms put in one place to tackle the fake or misleading content being goes viral on TikTok.

via Gizmochina

TikTok has now unverified a new early warning system that will warn users when they are about to share what it termed “unsubstantiated content”. These prompt will appear on video content that TikTok’s partnering web-based fact-checking platforms PolitiFact, Lead Stories and SciVerify.

If you as a viewer attempt to share an already flagged video, you will get a prompt reminding you that the video has been flagged as unverified content. This additional layer of caution is aimed at assisting you to consider deeply whether it is worth it to share.

Based on beta testing of the new warning feature, TikTok says users on its platform shared 24% less misleading content while likes on flagged videos reduced by 7%. TikTok was blocked by the Ministry of Electronics and Technology in India on 26 June.

via Gizmochina

ByteDance TikTok is already active for TIkTok users in the US and Canada will rollout in the other parts of the world.