Call of Duty: Season 4 , Battle Royal Pass 4 update available: Detail are details

The start of season 4, the company COD Mobile sending new update rolling out in steel legion update including new maps, Battle Royale pass which brings a big improvement over the past missions and new ranking system update will be added in starting from 1 April.

The new maps, missions Battle Royale pass will be added in Call of Duty: Mobile at the beginning of April. This update also added a new ranked season and a battle pass into the mix. If you are playing this game , we suggest you to play everyday with similar rank player. Ir will further boost your ranking . The update is being rolled out in phases and will be made available to all users in the next month.

The new ranked season will come with an all new Industrial Revolution theme and it will bring a classic weapon called Man-o-War and a soldier named Ruin. The ranked mode will be updated with multiple changes included improved art and particle effects in the mission.

What is Steel Legion Season 4

The multiple score earning rules will be improved for multiplayer mode and the penalty for loosing a ranked match has been reduced . It has also replaced the scrapyard map with Meltdown for some time. The map is taken from the call of duty: Black Ops and it is medium size map with an industrial theme.

More additions:

The additions of two modes, Gun Game + Team Death match and 2v2 Showdown . In the Gun Game and Team Death match mode players will get new weapons with kills and instead of playing along they will be teamed up like Death match mode. The Meltdown map is now available in Search and Destroy , DOM, Death Match, Snipers, Only Team Fight and Free for All modes.