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Searching on the Chrome browser is such a nightmare to everyone’s user’s privacy.

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Google Chrome browser is an open-source browser based on Chromium source code. Chromium browser is free for everyone to develop its own browser by using code but if you required to using to run Google based services on your open-source browser, you need to ask for Google permission to run their services quite seamlessly.

Google Chrome is a customized version of the Chromium browser is usefully to run all Google based serviced like Wide-vine L1 Support, Google Maps, Gmail, Sync and YouTube such.

But Google Chrome also work as spy on user’s privacy, if you working on chrome that means some sets are running in the background those sends metrics or page data to the Google servers to run Google search engine better in finding something every fast & accurate then any third party search engines.

We are suggesting you to change some of these setting to create your privacy setting stronger while surfing to web in Chrome Browser.

Here are the screenshots of the chrome setting that you should change right now! For Chrome Desktop Browser!

Installing some Useful Extensions

Chrome Extension Menu

Internet Download Manager (IDM ) :

Install this original software from the Google first, then install its extensions by Searching on Google Phase ” How to install IDM extension for the Chrome “

This extension is very useful to download online videos in very fast speeds and YouTube Videos , Movies while you are surfing Streaming Site.

Link to install chrome: By Tapping Add to Chrome option

ublock Origin :

ublock origin is a very useful extension to make your safer & secure without leaving you’re any trace or blocking trackers while surfing the web in Chrome. This extension is cross-platform working with all supported browser Chrome, Firefox, Microsoft Edge.

Here is the Chrome Store link where you can able to install this extension

You need to tweaks some settings in the ublock origin to make stronger in blocking …

Pop up blocker for Chrome™ – Poper Blocker :

This extension will allow users to block click popup ads by pushing several websites to add adware in your browser. It blocks all pop-ups.

here the link to install this extension:

Change your Chrome Browser Setting: Follow these screen-shots steps:

No issue in the Internet or any browsers effects all are tested 100% working well.

If you follow this correctly, Hurray! You successfully did this finally.

In case you need any help, Don’t forget to mail us through the contact page. Thank you !!

Download your desktop Chrome Browser :

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