Chinese smartphone maker Xiaomi planning to build its own car

A new came out in early evening, iFengNews suggests that the popular Chinese smartphone maker Xiaomi is reportedly planning to build its own smart car and it also planning on the same market.

Last month, Xiaomi was successfully regain its global top third spot in largest shipments in smartphones around the global. If the report true, Xiaomi is partnership with Hicar and BAIC to develop a smart car.

Apple INC is also developing a smart car with Hyundai in USA and popular TESLA CEO Elon Musk now seems that its interest on the field has grown. The Indian market has also demand for the smart vehicles and auto companies like Tata, Mahindra and some others are already offering some of their electric vehicles.

Hyundai electric vehicle platform and the initial model could lead to new vehicles build in partnership with General Motors and European manufacturer PSA. Xiaomi CEO reveals, the project will take some times to announce in market will be directly heading to electric market.