Chrome 83 introduced new privacy features, revamps from controls

Google Chrome v83 features introduced by the Google company brings a lot more improved privacy features a few days ago. Here, we are introducing features we received in the latest update version via Google Chrome v83.

Cookie blocking in Incognito Mode

The privacy-related changes that Google was introduced for Incognito mode. When we open a new Incognito tab, a setting popup at the bottom for blocking third-party cookies by default.

credits : Android-police

If you are using Chrome 83 version, you have to enable chrome:// flags/ #improved-cookie-controls into your flags address bar and click “Enabled” it.

Improved from controls

Chrome’s form controls are all over the place, design-wise . Microsoft and Google have been working to standardize the appearance of form elements across all operating system seen in the Chrome version 83.

Old controls

New Controls

Some form elements have been also been reworked for better usability on touch screen. For example, the time picker now has large dropdown menu for selecting the hours and minutes.

Other features Added

The Chrome 83 inclused several changes for users and developers. We are discuss some minor changes those we noticed in this update:

  • The Tab Groups should now be enabled for everyone. If you don’t have them, try to switch flag chrome:// flags/ #tab-groups to Enabled.
  • The Security settings page have been redesigned but only on desktop platforms.
  • Extension button in the toolbar are now located in the new extensions drop down menu. If you don’t see this change, enable the flag chrome: // flags / #extensions-toolbar-menu.
    • The new @support selector() feature makes it easier to check if a CSS feature is supported before it is used.
    • The Barcode Detection API is now enabled by default.

Download from sandboxes iframes are now blocked , preventing malicious ads and other embedded content from downloading files. WebXR content ( e.g AR and VR ) can now display HTML on top of 3D rendered environments.

Download Apk

If you are early try to test this our features on chrome. Download this Chrome v83 from Apkmirror

Apk Mirror- Chrome v83.0.4103.60

Source: Chrome Platform Status