[Complete Guide] How to get the old Twitter layout bring legacy Twitter

Twitter social media giant finally shut down the legacy theme on June 1, 2020. The new mobile inspired layout will be company new design rollout in all countries.

It will started displaying a warning message, the legacy version of Twitter will shut down for everyone on June 1st. There some methods to re-enable the old version of twitter.com if you could try to bring back your old legacy twitter layout.

The TamperMoney superscript as GoodTwitter2 ( developed by Bl4Cc4 ) will allow users to re-arrange Twitter’s user interface to make it good looking again. GoodTwitter2 is means no means a full recreation of the old design. It will more like a hybrid between old and new layout.

Once you successfully installed TamperMonkey extension on Mozilla Firefox or chrome browser using the TamperMonkey superscript manager, you will get the legacy navbar back. The old twitter profile back on the left side of the interface, you’ll no longer have the to use the mobile layout on your desktop.

You need to install the GoodTwitter2 usercript in your Chrome or any other browser. If will automictically detect if you install TamperMonkey userscript in your desktop PC.

Click on this link which will trigger TamperMonkey to prompt you with an installation screen.

Once installed, you can access GoodTwitter2’s setting from Twitter’s interface by clicking on your profile icon on the top right corner going to “Privacy and Security” and clicking on the GoodTwitter2 entry under General settings.