Complete Guide of Different Computer Operating System

We would like to tell our visitors, “Different computer Operating System, you should aware of it

.Every Computer needs an operating system to run essential tasks to work on any computer. A modern computer operating system will be divided into two different categories in PC ( Personal Computer ) or A Portable Laptop not like in the recent older years, we need a PC.

Now, we can carry a laptop or tablet to start our work anywhere, where we want to do with it. A computer operating system changed a lot in recent years.

Our Complete Guide will go to tell you about every generation of Operating system used till up to present days.

DOS: Disk Operating System

DOS was the computer operating system used in the 19 century in the early days of the computer and was extended to PC DOS by BILL Gates ( owner of Microsoft Company ). When Microsoft was asked by IBM to develop an operating system for the IBM personal computers. This was founded by Gates as MS-DOS used only in the Microsoft Computers’

Later on, it will start extended to other personal computers . The term

“Disk operating system ” applied to the disks that were essential for computers to run at that time – either hard disks or floppies, the latter was used for business computing with Winchester drivers in the early days either floppies used to load software before PCs with lots of internal storage.

Working of DOS :

DOS is operated by means of text commands via “command prompt” [C:>] and was the underlying OS for Microsoft Windows up to Windows 98 and ME.

Microsoft Windows :

Microsoft Windows is likely the most well known and widely popular computer operating system in the world using it. It was developed by Bill Gates “Microsoft Cooperating and can run on a number of different platforms, particularly on PCs or Personal Computer. It offers a modern version of the WIMP ( Windows, Icons, Menus, Pointers ) system, a term first used by Merzouga Wiberts in 1980 and initially used in Apple Computers.

Microsoft adopted the WIMP system which is the most widely used PC OS worldwide. Modern version PC will no longer use MS-DOS, through the DOS command prompt is still available by Window + R = Run key. Microsoft Window provides a GUI ( Graphical User Interface ) providing a cooperative multitasking environment. Many PCs or Laptops are sold with Windows come with installed Windows 10 OS.

Mac OS for Macintosh Machines :

Mac OS was developed to run the Apple Macintosh computer system. Apple computers were introduced in 1984 and Mac OS was the first commercially successful computer to use a GUI and was likely what prompted Microsoft to develop Windows.

Early versions of this operating system were known simply as “System” and “Finder” Version 7.5.1 was the first version of System to use the Mac OS logo and version 7.6 was the first to be officially released and named as Mac OS.

History of Mac OS

Mac OS X becomes public with Version 10 of Mac OS IN 2001. OS X is not simply an update of Mac OS because it used different Architecture. It is a Unix OS that came about after Apple purchased the NeXt Computer that used its NeXTSTEP operating system.

Linux Operating System

Linux was derived from Unix OS- derived by Swede Linux Torvalds and released to the public in 199 under the free and open-software software collaboration. An interesting development when first released, Linux is now being used widely by developers who under the open-source system and can make changes to the software to meet their own needs.

Top Linux being used in Google Android, Linux working PC, laptops ( like Ubuntu and Linux mint, etc ) and Open-source PC and Applications by developers around the globe.

Operating System 2 :

Operating System 2 was originally developed by the old IBM and Microsoft collaboration. Once developed, it becomes purely the domain of IBM who marketed and manage it. The name came out from IBM’s Personal Computer System know as Personal System / 2 OR PS 2.

OS 2 is fully compatible with Microsoft Windows and most versions of DOS and can run all applications designed for these operating systems. This is very similar to UNIX.

Oracle Solaris

Solaris is a UNIX-based computer operating system developed by Sun Microsystems which was brought over by Oracle Cooperating at the Beginning of 2010. It was renamed to Oracle Solaris and supports multiprocessing and multithreading operations. Solaris 11.2 was released by Oracle in Beta form in 2014 to focus on cloud computing and it operates as a cloud platform supporting virtualization application-driven software-defined networking technology ( SDN ).

Solaris runs on Oracle’s SPARC Servers which is set to run at least until 2019, may not have much of a future beyond that if Oracle servers income slides. Solaris could be a good choice of OS on which to write cloud-based software.


UNIX is a different operating system and this was originally developed by Ken Thompson, Dennis Ritchie and other developers in the Bell Labs research center.

The original was named MULTIS-Multiplexed information and computing System. This was considered too complicated and OS was developed to UNICS: Uniplexed Information and Computing System. It was later spelled as UNIX- a sexier spelling in the IT world!

This was performed as a multiuser and multitasking operating system that works independently of the hardware. Mac OS X works on Apple Macs and Windows works on Window PCs, UNIX will work on Both which is why its main usage is on servers. This is the most common server operating system on the internet.

Among these are the iOS, Android and the Windows mobile System. We are focusing on computer mainframes, desktops, and laptops.

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