Coronavirus affects major smartphone tech companies new launches


“In China, Coronvirus has recently deadly virus spread all over the country scared a lot of companies to start their work in factories due to health issues and low production “


As per fresh reports came out from Google News, The deadly coronavirus killed almost 1,500 people in China and 50,000 people’s still infected under hospital supervision, the outbreak has brought the country downfall, whole nation -widely shut down its business work, the technology industry faced a major problem in production of smartphone hardware units.

Coronavirus Outbreak Industry

This is the result, Most popular event called MWC ( Mobile World Congress ) 2020 was supposed to held in Spain, Barcelona got officially canceled due to many tech companies withdraw their names out of the event. As a result, manufacturing outputs from iPhone to LCD, television delayed, postponed their global launch to showcase its product worldwide countries.


The press event of major companies like Realme, Xiaomi, Motorola, OPPO, and Vivo was canceled and moving to launch the product later on. Due to Coronavirus, We will increase price hike will be happening after tech industries manufactured their products again after the coronavirus effect will be over. We will see later on, How long it gonna take to come back at work after the coronavirus effect.

Shortage of equipped, shipment and delay in product launches will result in online and offline sales in India will be affected and out of stock problems could be seen.

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Coronavirus now officially called COVID-19 has been declared as a public health emergency by WHO ( World health organization) recently. We are hoping, this virus antidote will come into effect as soon as possible, researchers and scientists worked together every day.

How to secure yourself from this deadly CoronVirus?

  • Stay no to eat Unhealthy Non-Veg ( Chicken )
  • Stay away from cold, flu and fever person.
  • Use mouth freshener, personal soap to wash & bath regularly in offline and public toilets
  • Eat healthy at a cleaned shop
  • Wear good quality marks in populated areas.
  • Try to avoid visiting affected countries like China, Hongkong, Bangkok, etc.