Coronavirus remains at Top 10 people thoughts very 4th week of every month: Nielsen

Coronavirus outbreak remained at the top of 10 people thoughts in every 4th week of every month since pandemic occurs, according to Nielsen, 39% of the top researches where COVID related in the Week 4.12% of people accessed the Aarogya Setu app while 8% sought information from a COVID tracker website. Males showed a high interest then Female in both cases.

According to the Nilesen Android Smartphone Panel, people in the 15-24 age groups are spending around 4 hours and 30 mins daily on their smartphones while other elders peopl’s users spent around 3 hours 47 mins daily on their phones. Chat and Voip took the major share of the time spent on various activities at 19%.

Social networking and utility and phone features stood at second at 15%. News app on coronavirus 83% whereas chat and VOIP saw a surge of 46% and stood second. Second networking saw the biggest growth at 41% with Games seeing a growth of 39%. News apps saw a growth of 37% while chat and VOIP grew by 36%.

There was a 19% growth of data consumption in a week 4 with the age group of 35+ seeing a massive surge of 35%. In a week, 4 users spent more time between 12-2 PM time period whereas in pre-COVID period the main share was of 8-10 PM.

The news websites sees a growth of 28%. Video news has growth by 61%. AajTak, ABP News, India TV, and Zee News were among the top video news channels in Week 4. Users spent 3 hours 59 mins per week on VOD service. YouTube saw an increase in consumption by 22%. Non-Metro areas saw the highest growth with 35-44 year age group people showing more incidence towards YouTube.

credits: onlytech