CrackTrend Stuff listing? Who is Mukul Sharma?

Crack Trend term defines the top trending hashtags which sometimes popular on twitter and google trends by surprise able leap. These days, we noticed on twitter stufflisting hashtag used by popular smartphone leakier called himself Tech master in Android smartphone portfolio. Stufflisting army hashtag 2-3 times seen trending on the twitter and google search.

We will discuses, how this newly hashtag come into trends on every social media twitter, google search engine and Instagram itself. First, our visitors need to know about the guy work behind this all popularity.

Who is Mukul Sharma?

A former professor worked in lovely professional university, Jalandher. His contribution on the more tech leaks then seen started last year 2019. He stay active on his social media twitter handle replies most people’s and his fans around the globe. He is tech leaker by self made interest. He also runs his you tube channel Stufflisting YT.

stufflisting youtube yt

He sometimes did un boxing of gadgets like Xiaomi, Realme and other products sent by the different companies. His twitter fan base crossed last week up to 30k

Lets now we discuses about “Crack Trend” Stufflisting “

“Stuff listing” hashtag that we noticed last week seen in the twitter trending . Stuff listing hashtags used by the many people’s in India started tag in their posts consistently. Once stuff listing being used by more people’s and gets enough ik 10k user engagements on twitter and other social media . Twitter bots checked hashtag traffics and update it on the 26th number in the Indian tending list.

stufflisting twitter

Mukul Sharma most replied his fans queries many times on social media without any hiccups. More user engagements did by the leakier or anyone will lead to his popularity over any social media platform.

On Google, If we search Mukul sharma, Google bots easily shows the result of Mukul Sharma on top. This is captured by Google bots to collected this named from every website those mentioned his name in articles or posts anywhere while they scans it.

Mukul Sharma YouTube

Just noticed that about 33,100 results on Google are fetch by the Google Sitemaps of every website had it . Used Mukul Sharma named or stuff listing hashtag mentioned in Google Search result. This is amazing and good progress done by a newly leakier to beat all others top popular peoples’s, those are tech savvy from long time .

Many popular YouTube mentioned his leaks on his YouTube videos and other big bloggers and media websites clearly mentioned leaks and news with his name.

His you tube channel videos are real and perfect for India and English audience to explained all things in right way. 30k People knows his every well. In YouTube, If we never show his face or voice, Google never boosts your channel even user engagements also very useful for Google algorithms to work.

Remember, Google is big giant search engine tats all Google Search works and all other Social Media fetch data of all users via Google bots.

Smartphone companies had their teams on digital marketing or social media manager those works only to check what’s special happening on social media . They notice Mukul Sharma ( stufflisting ) leaker is perfect for product advertisements , you can say reviews. More users saw him or listen him. Products can sell easily.

He did unboxing in simple way and this is good thing to understand all things easily without any special or stolen things from others tech you tubers are seen nowadays.

Final Words:

He is good guy and best leakier ever seen from India at least for this year. May he doing great with all his health and stuff. We will say three things.

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We hope our visitor now understand, “How CrackTrend Stufflisting ” works? Who is Mukul Sharma”?