Discord is working on its own version like Clubhouse

Discord is the easiest way to talk over voice, video, and text, Talk, Chat, hang out and stay close with your friends. As per the news report, Discord is working on its own version like Clubhouse.

Last week, Instagram also working on a discord feature on its platform via providing four chat rooms for friends while Twitter is launching their own alternative to Clubhouse called Twitter Spaces.

Facebook and Telegram also had their own alternatives in the works. A new player Discord is also working on its own version of Clubhouse, a new feature spotted in beta. A user actually reported on Reddit that they have got seamlessly access in beta on Discord: on an all-new type of channel called a “Stage Channel” that would join the text channel, voice channel, and announcement channel.

Under the comments that Stage Channels would be an all-new type of voice channels meant for a larger audience, where a select few can speak, users listening can “Request t Speak”, and authorized users can grant access to the right to speak.

It’s unclear for now, Discord app doesn’t really let them create a “Stage” channel through the app is giving them the option. We are expecting this feature will take a long time to added in the discord final version later this year.