Discord launches Stage Channel called version of Clubhouse audio rooms

Discord reportedly working on a Clubhouse-like feature, the company has introduced Stage Channels. The new feature called Stage Channel has launched on all platforms in the latest update arrived on Google Play Store.

Stage Channel will offer audio-centric events pop-up that can be difficult to manage organized audio events within voice channels. User can create own Stage, moderators can manage who’s speaking, add, play and Mutu.

Discord was launched in 2015 mostly used by videogames. It offers voice, video, and text chats. The platform has over 140 million users is involved in early discussions to be sold t Microsoft for $10 billions.

Discord said audience members can also raise their hand’s event according to xda-developers. The launch of Stage Channels makes the feature among the more available on iOS, Android, and desktop versions.

Clubhouse continues to only be available on iOS, including Slack, Twitter and LinkedIn also feature Clubhouse-like feature. Discord said audience members can also raise their hands during an event if they want to speak whatever they want to record.

Discord is very popular among the gaming communities which prefer audio rooms, chat, and video hangsouts with friends rival to Twitch gaming streaming services. Yesterday, LinkedIn has announced the Clubhouse feature on its platform.

We will post our review on Stage Channel in the coming weeks after we received the update on our discord.