Discord introduced easier to find and Add Your Friend’s feature

Discord become a very popular choice for instant messaging, audio calls is working on making and add friends feature.

The new feature called Find Your Friends, with a small number of users on its platform. The company said that it will be working on to rolls out with a future release version.

Last week, Verge reported that Microsoft in talks to buy discord for $10M millions deal price in negotiating. We will hope that the company regrets to sold a beautifully designed DISCORD app to the Microsoft in future.

If Microsoft ever bought this platform for its business purposes. This application’s future will go to dark after all Skype was a big failure.

In a recent post on the discord Reddit, a member of the Discord product team has shared new feature details about the Find Your Friends feature. It’s an opt-in feature that will let you discover and make it discoverable by people in your Phone’s contact list and send them a friend request to join on Discord.

However, the Discord product team makes it clear that it will use cryptographically hash all the phone numbers it syncs from your contact list will use this hashed data to detect a match while looking for friends.

The servers won’t upload contact names and won’t store raw phone numbers to prevent any mishaps also prevent span and not those who you’ve blocked.

Discord is currently testing this feature in Canada with a small number of users. It will soon roll out to all countries in near future releases. We will make sure to update this post later on.