DIZO TechLife will soon launching GoPro and Hair Dryer in India

DIZO TechLife is the sub-brand of Realme India also expending of its products in India with rebranding the Realme like GoPro and Hair Dryer in India.

The DIZO TechLife products reveals by the tipster passionategeeks about the upcoming launch of Dizo Hair Dryer and Dizo GoPods will be launching in the next month in India.

DIZO Beard Trimmer Plus (RMH2017, RMH2016) and Hair Dryer (RMH2015) will soon appeared in the database before the official announcement also including DizoWatch, Dizo Do Pro and Dizo feature Phones.

The Dizo Beard Trimmer Plus with model number RMH2017 and Hair Dryer with model number (RMH2015) which now confirmed to released in the next month in India.

Meanwhile, The DIZO GoPods, DIZO GoPods, DIZO Watch and DIZO Wireless Headset are these products expanding their presence around the global like European market, pakistan and India in the future.

Why Realme need a sub-brand called DIZO?

Realme is a successful smartphone brand in India and Europe. Madhav Seth confirmed the success rate of Realme India said to increased in the year 2019 – 2020 in smartphone market while other IOT products like wireless, TV products, Trimmer, earbuds and neckband will now be launching in sub-brand DIZO.

The Realme CEO Madhav Seth to focus the Realme on smartphone business while DIZO will focused on IOT products in the future.