Does Android need a mini flagship phone like the Apple iPhone 12 Mini?

The Tech Industry filled with larger screen smartphones, phablets while the Apple iPhone 5.4-inch 12 Mini stands out very clearly. Apple doesn’t ship on features such as support for wireless charging, Face ID, and stereo speakers under a competitive pricing tag in order to complete with Android flagships at the US $699.

For those, who are unaware of it, Samsung Galaxy S10e was the last year’s 2019, smaller flagship-grade specifications in Android. Android Manufacture will keep coming with various excuses to make Android Mini flagship such as a smaller battery capacity.

Xiaomi confirmed that the Redmi brand will introduce Redmi Mini smartphone with smaller battery later this year in China. We would like to see more brands in Android are coming up with a Mini idea in the next year 2021.

Post your comment telling us which manufactures you like to see Mini Android Flagship and what features you want to see in the future mini smartphone to have?