US DOJ filed an antitrust lawsuit against Google for search engine dominance “deeply flawed”

Today, the United States Department of Justice ( DOJ ) filed a big civil antitrust lawsuit against Google in possibly marking the beginning of a long-drawn-out legal battle against the Google search engine dominance “deeply flawed” in unlawful monopolistic behavior which includes anticompetitive and exclusionary practices.

The lawsuit also mentions Google’s ways of forcing the pre-installation of their Search engine in prime locations, along with Google’s long-standing argument with Apple to be the general search engine on the Safari browser.

Google is strongly defending against the lawsuit claim. If DOJ ( Department of Justice ) wins against the Google, it might tough for Google to force OEMs and pre-installed default Google in the every alternative search engine and Google devices.

This lawsuit would help customers to find alternatives in smartphone search engine but it may impossible to attract relay over other’s search engines in the market then Google Search.

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