Don’t Install iOS 15 before reading this

Apple announced the iPhone 13 series will come with pre-installed iOS 15 worldwide. The iOS 15 and iPadOS 15 updates already rolled out on 24 September.

The Apple iOS 15 update rolled out to all eligible devices support list. There are most expected interesting features are coming to the iOS 15 and iPadOS 15 later this year.

We have a list of the upcoming iOS 15 interesting features that didn’t make their way to iOS 15 currently, will likely come later this year in the next iOS 15 updates.

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Apple Privacy Report

Apple iOS 15 updates will get an interesting feature is called App Privacy Report. Apple wants the feature to come in full at the end of the year 2021 in the full iOS 15.1 stable update which allows the users to enable the privacy permissions including camera, microphone, and location.

Apple users can access the iOS 15 present through a “Record App Activity” setting that can be allowed to the record seven days summary. Users can download a JSON file with data. Apple will use this data in an encrypted, easy-to-read App privacy report.

Siri Intergration

Apple assistant Siri will be compatible with any Homekit device in the home can be used to send messages, set reminders, contact family members, control devices, and more. The use of Siri through a third party will require a HomePod mini to route the user’s requests.

Find My Network

The launch of iOS 15 will come with another interesting feature so-called Find My Feature for the Apple AirPods will not be launching very soon. Apple could be testing this feature to make it very useful in a stable update that will feature full support for Apple AirPods Pro and AirPods Max.


The iOS 15 beta testing this year in few months with the release of the iOS 15 update, This feature will make its way to reach the Apple iPhone 13 series which allows users to record FaceTime calls with friends and family.

This feature will allow you to share a TV screen, listening to music, and screen sharing. Please Note: If your family members don’t;t have any iOS devices. This feature will not work on any other Android smartphone.

The company will be pushing these all upcoming iOS 15 interesting features in the next iOS 15.1 update later this year in iOS 15.1, iPad OS 15.1, and TvOS 15.1 betas.