DOT issued Ban over popular 2 GB Free WeTransfer file-sharing service

We-Transfer is the best file sharing service Netherlands based company offered 2 GB free storage files , folders contain videos, files, mp3 or anything via link and email sharing.

We- Transfer Pro offering 1 TB storage to store all kind of data in your one place and it also allow users to transfer data up to 20 GB in one go. DOT ( Department of Telecommunication ) has received many complained from various streaming companies, Bollywood movies.

Website users sharing illegals’ things with each other in all over goes to effecting privacy and thread to national security of India. We-Transfer Pro users paid money to enjoy this service in India might be upset after this block over all ISP’s in India.

Dot has issued the order under the license condition no 7.12 of chapter IX of the license agreement that directs the license to block websites in the interest of national security or public interest.

The message comes over the site domain” You are not authorized to access this webpage as per the DOT compliance. For few users, The site can’t be reached on Chrome browser.

The company mentioned in a statement, Please use VPN until they will find a better solution to get rid of this ban in India once talked with government cyber securities.

source wetransfer