EU throws new rule book to Google in competition search

The Eu stands off ( European Union ) new regulations could become a good setback for the tech giants like Google, Apple, Amazon and Facebook.

The multiple anti trust actions against Google have been effected, the EU’s new strategy aims to lay down ground rules for data-sharing and how digital marketplaces operate.

Google did not response to a request for comment. EU legislative push was clearly driven in part by the cases against it. The action for anti-competitive conduct related to Google’s search engine operations, its Android mobile operating system and it’s advertising business, anti trust enforces and rivals.

Google is not only company in the EU’s cross-hairs even Apple is also the subject of four EU Anti trust investigations after Spotify complained about the alleged unfair cubs placed on rivals to its Apple Music streaming service has spending 30% feee for using its in-app purchase system.

The general conclusion is that anti trust and regulation both have a role Anti trust may need to sharpen its tools Burnside said. Regulators on both sides of the Atlantic.