European Union officials want to work with new 5G align to protect democracy

The top leader of the European Union said they will discuss the 5G technology rollout as per global security standards when leaders will set to meet with Indian PM Narendra Modi on 19 May virtually.

Image France24

The new 5G alignment needs to protect the global 5G democracy against the growth of the dominance of Chinese telecom giants to take part in several countries in buying and taking participation in their 5G telecom services as global providers.

Last month, India said that DoT ( Department of Technology) will announce all telecom gear and network equipment will need to pass NSD and it will be manufacturing by any Indian company within the country.

This will prevent Chinese companies and border sharing countries to take part in the country’s telecom internet matters will be permanently restricted.

The new rule will be appreciable starting from June 15 in India. However, Margrethe Vestager official EU said in an interview, When we want a systemic rivalry, then we must come together to protect what is really important.

India and many European countries along with the U.S have sought to distance their next-generation telecom infrastructure from companies including Huawei Technologies Co and ZTE Corp aims concerns over their links with the Chinese government.

Prime Minister Narendra Modis scheduled to attend the India-EU summit in Portugal on May 8 to meet world leaders from the 27-members block of nations for discussions on trade and security issues.

The EU nations including the U.S, U.K, Australia, and India have raised red flags about Chinese major participating in building the networks. Chinese supplies have been shut out of recent telecom auctions in India.