[Exclusive] Apple WWDC 2020 will focus only on Software-based, skipper new Hardware

US based Apple company all set to official virtually announced Apple Developer Conference WWDC 20 starting from Today June 24- June 26. According to Mac rumors re-putative website reports, Bloomberg has released its scheduled based on leaks and news for WWDC 2020.

In this year WWDC 20, Apple may not release any new hardware in this later this year. Due to corona cases, Apple fails to make enough money on iPhone’s old included new iPhone SE 2020 selling point. At Apple’s WWDC will use to announce ARM-based chips while break-up with Intel chips and new software updates roadmap will be announce.

Apple will use this exhibition to announce the process of its custom chips build using Arm technology, there will be no Mac products equipment hardware till the next year 2021.

The next generation of MacOS will named version 10.16 be improved the migration process from iOS to Mac. Apple launched Project Catalyst in last year which aims to fill the bridge the gap between the Mac and iOS platforms by making it easier for developers .

A report shared by Guo Mingu with time to update their application to support their transition to Arm Mac products. Gurman also said that Apple plans to make smaller updates to TvOs at WWDC. Apple rumored to released a new version of Apple TV is equipped with an A12 or A12X Bionic chip and a higher base base capacity move to 128 GB.