Facebook launched CatchUp app that let users make voice group calls with up to 8 participants

The tech gaint social networking has launched a new app that let friends and family make one-one-voice calls or coordinate group calls goes up to eight partcipants.

The app is called Catchup is developed by Facebook’s New Products Experimentation ( NPE ) team currently being testing in the US or UK based regions.

Facebook wrote in a statement post, “Keeping in touch with friends and family is important for us especially during this time of physicals distancing. We offering another new product for messaging and video calling are great ways to send a quick update or connect with someone face-to-face.

As per research, This app basically Facebook’s new product as CatchUp looks similar as like Threads for Instagram. Moreover, The CatchUp app designed from the scratch to beat others video calling app like Google Duo, Google Meet, Microsoft Team, Viber , Zoom meeting app in the market.

CatchUp is a separate app. It doesn’t required a Facebook account. However, It is the product from Facebook, we don’t trust so much in terms of data collecting and spy over us user’s profile privacy. The app allows users to call anyone from their contact list including people’s who don’t have a Facebook account but CatchUp app installed on iOS and Android.

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