Facebook Messenger gets cross-app group communication and many more features

Facebook introduced several new features in the messenger app like gets cross-app group communication, group typing indicators.

Facebook said in a blog post on 30 September. the feature like cross-app group chats in between messenger and Instagram last year, users can now start group chats between their Instagram and messengers contacts.

The cross-communication integration will come sooner in the WhatsApp messaging app in the near future updates can be able to text each other in all cross-communication with Instagram and Facebook friends having your contact on these social media.

Facebook users can able to customize themes in their group chats and custom reactions.

Micro-blogging Social Media Twitter is also working on some newest features on its platform started in the year 2021. If you would like to know about them. Read it here.

The addition of Poll can be started on Instagram DMs as well as groups chats on Messenger and Instagram allowing users to engage with friends and followers can be asked questions and reply with stickers, sharing stories, video chat, and group video chat.

Facebook also introduced the addition of Instagram Reels interaction in the Facebook Android App to create and watch reels feature to allow users to watch reels together and IGTV content directly through Facebook and Instagram feed together with friends.

In our opinion, Facebook is a very great platform to make friends. There are plenty of things that you couldn’t even notice on Facebook besides any privacy-related issues is going on Facebook is common in most of all social media companies doing nowadays with your data.

The best thing about Facebook is social media giants can develop any features incomplete with any other social media like Facebook feeds, Facebook messenger for texting and video calling, Facebook page, live streaming, gaming, music, Instagram, and Whatsapp.