FCC consider revoking China Telecom’s authorization operations in the United States

The US FCC knows for Federal Communications Commission FCC said on Friday, It begun the process of revoking the China Telecom’s authorization to operations among in the United States.

It will took further steps to stop the interference of China in U.S telecommunications to do business with the American companies in telecommunications. China Telecom – the largest Chinese telecommunication’s company has authorization to provide telecommunications services for nearly 20 years in the United States.

The FCC might shut down the U.S operations of three Chinese controlled telecommunications companies, national security including China Telecom Americans as well as China Unicom Americans, Pacific Networks Corp.

The FCC also rejected a petition from Huawei Technologies Co Ltd asking the agency to reconsider its decision for Chinese company as a U.S national security threat. In June, FCC had formally designed China’s Huawei and ZTE Corp as threats.

They also force to remove the Huawei and ZTE products from Telecommunications network consider as a national security risk during a pandemic.