Fraudsters may steal your bank balance and wallet password from fake PayTM, Google Pay apps: Report

The cybersafesty and cybersecurity awareness of the Ministry of Home Affairs informed on social media, All payments wallets and fake banking apps may steal your bank balance and wallet password once you install in your smartphone or visiting unknown physical websites / links sent through WhatsApp / Sms.

Try to visit original payments apps through Google Play Store on Android or Apple Store on iOS. The Cyber-security is warning users to not install any payments apps from any links they may have received over email, SMS or social media via social media profiles.

This is recent case Fraudsters on social media

If you tap on unknow fake likes , fraudsters may trying to ask you to install fake payments app and banking details after some minutes , They wipe your all bank balance. Be aware! If you have any case, try to inform your bank within minutes or hours or call police to report that incident as possible.

Bank never call or sent sms regarding update your bank account via any link or installing apps. It Scammers sent messengers through fake mobile numbers.

Always verify and install authentic e-wallet apps directly from the ( Google Play Store / iOS Store ) on your smartphone. Do not install e-wallet apps via links shared over email, SMS or social media as per the official tweet from CyberDost handle of the government.

Security Tip – Want to report a fraud

  • Go to “24*7 section of Paytm App
  • Choose category “Report a fraud”
  • Select issue & sub-issue category
  • Click on “Message Us” to create a ticket
  • Our Specialists will investigate and get back with a result in next 2 hours.