Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro design, features surface exposed online

Samsung’s Galaxy S21 Series is going to launch globally soon sometimes next month, before Samsung confirmed to launch flagship processor Exynos 2100 build on 5nm architecture on 12 January.

We also expected the official launch event for next Epic Galaxy will be announce during Samsung Exynos event. Samsung is also expected to announced the new level of true wireless earbuds family – Galaxy Buds Pro.

The Galaxy Buds just leaked in a leak of the Galaxy Wear app showing its design and many features that it will support. Samsung pushed a new update in the Galaxy Wear app.

Samsung Galaxy Wear app files suggests that the Galaxy Buds Pro could be found along with a newest design, the app also revealed many of features that will be supported on the earbuds.

The most interesting feature that it will be supported on the earbuds being 3D spatial audio and Active Noise Cancellation (ANC). The app showed it should be called 3D audio which will be similar feature of the Apple AirPods Pro.

The earbuds will use its gyro-sensors to track head movements and utilize Dolby Atmos technology to provide an immersive sound experience in ears.