Google Android 11 OS will automictically revoke permissions from unused apps

Google released the third developer preview of the Android 11 with plenty of changes. Google has also introduced the ability to automatically revoke permission from apps in case, you are forget to revoke some permission asked by some apps while you are setting up , but you mayn’t used in everyday purpose. Google Android 11 OS will automatically discard these apps permission in the background.

The feature reported by senior developer MishalRahman in the xda developers during texting the Beta 3 Android 11 Developer preview. This feature is named “Auto revoke permissions” it is disable by default. It buried deep inside the app permission menu in the setting app at the bottom of every app listing. The feature need to be enabled manually for apps that you have installed on your Android device and there’s no global toggle for it. The feature does not revoke all permissions from an app when it not used in months.

Check this screenshot by Mishan Rahman

Google has introduced a number of small changes and improvements in Android 11 Developers Preview 3. The Google has also introduced the ability to dismiss persistent notification. The company is now working on the launching the beta problem for Android 11 which will only available for Pixel devices for while.


Top features added in Android 11 mostly

  • Larger previews in recent apps
  • New screenshots pop-up
  • Improved app permissions
  • Ethernet Tethering
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Larger previews in recent apps

Google has added larger previews in the recent apps in the Android 11 Beta 3 . The screenshots , the design of the actual previews is pretty such as the previews in Android 11, however, the size of the preview is much larger. Google has added tw new shortcuts in the form of screenshot and share.

New screenshot pop-up

Google has also tweaked the pop-up that appears when you capture a screenshot and it will now smaller and similar to iOS devices. The larger pop-up at the top of the screen, developer preview 3 shows a smaller version of the screenshot that you took at the bottom-left of the screen.

Ethernet Tethering

Android 11 Developer Beta 3 will also added a new option to the hotspot and tethering menu in the form of the Ethernet tethering. This will essentially allow people to connect a USB-To-Ethernet adapter to their Android phones and then connect the LAN cable to that adapter and their PC to use Internet from their phone.

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