Google announced new privacy feature and new feature added in password manager


Google new privacy features and new features will be added in its password manager in upcoming updates by Google . Soon pushed to all users.


Google has announced its some fewer changes about its privacy over all Google Apps like Gmail, Google Maps , YouTube and Assistant ” in the developer conference in the month of June 2019 . These new feature will allow users to control its privacy over your data the company has access to and Password Checkup will help you ensure everything stays secure.

Google Maps :

Inconito Mode comes to GMaps , you’r able to hide your movements and searches from Google for the Duration of the using Maps by you . By enabling this feature you will lose all of your personalized content and recommendation, but it is easier to switch it bak when you want to. It’s coming to Android later but it will coming to iOS early.

The ability to auto-delete your web activity and location history was introduced out by Google in the summer and now YouTube is getting the same feature. How YouTube stores your history in three steps provided

  • 3 months
  • 18 months
  • until you delete it

You can edit these setting on the web here. Google will also be bringing auto-deletion to other products in the future.

Google Assistant :

The Google Assistant that will start arriving on phones next week, it’ll be possible to simply ask Google about your privacy setting and it will allow you to change with your voice. Start with your voice

  • Hey Google, how do you keep my data safe ?
  • If you want to delete something you asked that’s easy – “Hey Google, delete the last thing i said to you. ” this will also work for the past week e.g “delete everything I said to you last week”

Password Checkup :

Password Checkup will help you choose a more secure password when you’re using something a little bit too.

  • Here to to see if your save passwords need improving
  • The Google Password Checkup extension also made available earlier this year will be build into Chrome in a future update too.

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