Google requesting all Android developers to prepare for 5G era before Pixel 5 launch event

Alphabet patent Google search engine giant announced on Saturday an article on the Android Developers website calling on Android to prepare for the next generation 5G ear. These include a trail version of use of 5G speeds, augmented reality applications more efficient reading and streaming.

Thanks to the High-speed mobile connectivity of the 5G era, Google just one month ago to released its two smartphone’s with first time 5G connectivity to take practice and experience an advantage of 5G connectivity rates to deliver high-quality video chat and extend multiplayer mode.

In the second, the photo-centric apps as Google recommends 10 new preferences for video and augmented reality content. All content that took time to buffer has been able to provide a more seamless experience with 5G hold.

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In terms of content pre-fetching this help users who subscribe who subscribe to unlimited plans to start watching faster than ever before. The future will be in-build Android’s build-in stream -limited protection.

Google said in article that it is working to add new API’s to Android in response to the changes brought about by 5G apps to drive the implementation and popularity The Android SDK Emulator has a synchro’s upgrade that helps developers build and test apps without a 5G device or network.