Google Camera 8.4 launched features Fine-Tunes Interface and more features

Google released the Camera 8.4 launched the feature to older pixel smartphones users with more fine tunes interface and more camera features.

The new Google Camera 8.4 version is now available on apkmiror for sideloading for those who want to install first to test features in older pixel models before the official update starts rolling out.

The new Google App version has added a gear icon to the “V” icon in the top drop-down menu. This makes the setting to the camera easily accessible. The smartphones with a single punch hole on the edge, the icon display at the top of the center about the sensor permission.

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In addition, the new camera app also adds manual control for exposure. Under the advanced section, the Time light sees the rear flash work as a countdown. The new Google Camera 8.4 comes with the new feature “Timer Light” function to see the rear flash as a countdown to know when to shoot images.

In the Pixel 4a, the User can sideload the app are available on apkmirror website. The version of the latest Google App is which is now available for Pixel 5 and Pixel 4a. ( Buy latest Pixel 4a at discount )

The Quick setting function was originally available in the Google Camera app version 7.1 or later with the release of the Pixel 4 smartphone series.

The top best features of the Google Camera 8.4 found in the Pixel 6 series

  • You can slide your fingers to the left to launch the hands-free mode.
  • Zoom in or out moving your fingers up or down.
  • Expuere auto or manual to adjust brightness or shadows.
  • Audio Zoom in video while shooting and reduces background noise
  • Timer Light flashes the back camera light during the timer countdown.

We advise the older pixel users 5 or 4a will need more time to get the official update may start rolling in the coming days through Google Play Store.